• Jæn = art + illustration + graphic design + character design + photo + creative ideas + ∞
              Versatile artist currently residing in Bordeaux (France), I have explored the world of art by every possible mean: drawing, painting, music composition, graphic design, photography, writing, storytelling and even research - while writing a thesis on a contemporary japanese artist. You can enjoy a selection of my personal and commissioned works by browsing the menu on the left. 
              I work with traditional drawing, watercolour, acrylics and digital magic to produce a work mixing influences from pop culture, mysticism, science, spirituality, pop surrealism, low brow, street art and contemporary illustrators and character designers. Besides the research for aesthetic experiences and pleasure while making art, the conceptual motives behind my work has gradually shifted from abstract, metaphysical and philosophical themes to something filled with more guts and emotion.
             If you  need (or want) a quaint illustration, a character with character, original graphic design, unique art or creative ideas, I'm  available to discuss with you and make any kind of your projects bloom.
    Shop for posters, clothes, phone skins, stickers and other goods here.
    (If you want to know more, here is an interview from NeonMob and another from The SRK)
              Créatif polyvalent habitant actuellement à Bordeaux, j'ai exploré les terres de l'art sous toutes les latitudes : dessin, peinture, musique, graphisme, photographie, prose, scénario, ou même recherche, à l'occasion d'un mémoire de Master sur un artiste  contemporain japonais. Vous pouvez explorer une partie de  mes travaux personnels et de commande via le menu de gauche.
              Aujourd'hui, je travaille principalement le dessin, l'aquarelle et l'acrylique, couplés à la magie du numérique, pour produire des travaux synthétisant des influences de la culture populaire, de la science, du mysticisme et de la spiritualité, du pop surréalisme, du low brow, du street art et de l'illustration et du character design contemporains. La motivation conceptuelle derrière mes œuvres est progressivement passé de thèmes abstraits, métaphysiques et philosophiques à quelque chose de plus émotionnel et viscéral, et une plus grande place pour la recherche du plaisir et de l'esthétique dans la création artistique.
             Si vous avez besoin - ou envie ! -  d'une illustration atypique, d'un personnage à forte personnalité, d'un travail graphique original, d'une œuvre unique ou d'idées créatives, je suis disponible pour discuter avec vous et de faire fleurir tout type de projet.
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  • - April 2015 - Illustrator and character designer for NeonMob ("Masq", 103 illustrations to work as online collectible artworks), interviewed here
    - January - March 2015 - 3 months exhibition at Vinyl,  Bordeaux, France (large format illustrations, mainly the Bonebreathing and Synecular series)
    - January 2015 - T-shirt design for No Presets (Los Angeles)

    - December 2014 - Live painting performance at an event organized by Happe:n, a fresco trio with Nigoull
                                         and Jérôme D.

    - October 2014 - Interview by The SRK/Stickerbomb
                                  - Collaboration with Saktory for illustrated Swiss Army knives (Great Britain)
    - September 2014 - Commissioned painting "Balançoire" (50x65cm, acrylic, watercolour bronze powder, painted with brushes, hands and feet)
    - August 2014 - Sticker design featured in the SRK's world renowned Stickerbomb Skull sticker book  (Laurence King Publishing, London)
    - June 2014 - 4 photos awarded in a 24 hours photo marathon contest (Labo Révélateur d'Images, Bordeaux), team work with Steven Monteau -|-|-|-, Christopher Guichemerre and Charlotte Croisile

    - April 2014 - Collective polaroid exhibition at La Halle des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France (Expolaroid)
                            - Character design project featured in Character Design Served (Behance/Adobe)

    - Mars 2014 - After being contacted by TeePublic & DesignByHumans, I made print-on-demand shops

    - January 2014 - Commissioned painting "Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius; et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius"
    - October 2013 - Sticker design featured in the SRK's world renowned Stickerbomb XL sticker book (Laurence King Publishing, London)
    - July 2013 - Illustrator and character designer for NeonMob ("Codex Fungi", 103 illustrations to work as online collectible artworks), interviewed here

    - April 2013 - Collective polaroid exhibition at CCAS, Bordeaux, France (Expolaroid)
    - March 2013 - Illustrator and photographer for La Semaine Digitale de Bordeaux (one week of digital-focused events)
    - September 2012 - Collective urbex photography exhibition at La Halle des Douves, Bordeaux, France
    - September 2011 - Solo photo and photomontage exhibition, Galerie Oujopo, Lyon, France (photomontages from "写真はイメージです" and photos of Japan)
    - December 2010 - T-shirt design printed by Shirtoid (ex-Tilteed, United States of America) - limited artist edition
    - September 2009 - Photos of Japan featured in Photography Served (Behance/Adobe)

    2007-2008 - Volunteered as the graphic designer, illustrator, character designer, art director, one of the photographers and co-organisers of a french music festival